Terms of Use

What is the Simuteca's OVO-04 flight simulator

This simulator OVO-04 represents the inside of a piloting cockpit of the general aviation airplane Mooney M20 Bravo.

Almost all the flight controls and instruments are operative.

This flight simulator has 2 free axis of mouvement and allows representing much of the feelings of a real flight.

Simulation happens inside a closed flight cockpit.

OVO-04 flight simulation system is a product designed and built by the company Virtual Fly.

To who it is addressed the OVO-04

The OVO-04 is a flight simulator for entertainment which is not officially approved nor pretends to be of any official recognition for training real flight crews.

The great realism of the OVO-04 simulation system including its software, make it an excellent tool:

  • for non-official training for aspiring real pilots,
  • for virtual pilots,
  • and for anyone with no knowledge of aviation who want to experience the feelings of an actual flight.

Minimum age required is 10 years.

OVO-04 Session Format

Once the customer seat properly inside the OVO-04, the flight instructor will explain the minimum knowledge to attempt a solo flight from take off to landing as well as the safety rules.

Instructor and user communicate by walky-talky system during flight.

Inside OVO-04 video-cameras help the instructor to control pilot operations at any moment.

Instructor could change the flight environment and conditions through a remote instruction console.


Gift-Vouchers are not nominal and expires 6 months after the purchase date.

During these 6 months, the client should agree with Aeroteca the booking for the OVO-04 date/time session.
If any Gift-Voucher expires without any agreement on date for a session, the Voucher is no more valid and no refund would be possible.
A Gift-Voucher cannot be exchanged for its economic value.


Once you have bought a Gift-Voucher or any Pack of hours you can agree with Aeroteca for booking a date/time session.
After having agreed the session for OVO-04, Aeroteca will send a written confirmation to the user.

Available Horaries

OVO-04 is flyable from Monday to Saturday 10:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 21:00 hours, always with presence of our instructor.
Other horaries under request.

Booking Changes and Cancellations

Booked sessions can be changed or cancelled up to 48 hours before the scheduled date/time. 
No changes or cancellations could be accepted the last 48 hours before the session with right to recover the money already paid.
If customer does not attend the planned session, this will be given as done without any right of compensation from part of Aeroteca.

If due to any technical problem, simulator session cannot be done at the planned time, Aeroteca will offer an alternative date/time or a full refund.

Flight Interruptions

Aeroteca's instructor will be in the simulator during the flight to ensure continuity of the session.
In case of any technical problems due to the simulator which do not allow to continue with the session, Aeroteca would compensate the customer with another date/time session or with a full refund.

In case the customer decides to interrupt the flight the total time of the session would not be extended.

Right of admission

To use the OVO-04 simulator customer must accept all these Terms od Use. Otherwise, entrance will be not accepted.

Since OVO-04 cockpit space is reduced, some people could not get into it because of their degree of physical mobility, weight, or age. Check this eventuality with Aeroteca before purchasing any ticket.
Anyone showing an aggressive attitude towards the simulator OVO-04 (flight controls, instruments, switches, panels, etc...), as judged by the instructor or supervisor, will interrupt the flying session and will mean the immediate withdrawal of the user and the total loss of the rest of the session without any right of compensation from part of Aeroteca.
OVO-04 simulator is composed of very sophisticated control systems. Inside OVO-04 there are video cameras to check the correct handling of the simulator.