Boeing 737-NGV Simulator

Frontal de Boeing 737-NGV
Want to know what Boeing 737 pilots feel when flying?
Would you like to be the commander of this world famous airliner?
If you are already a pilot, do you want to practice impossible landings?
Do you need to refresh procedures?
Are you willing to travel anywhere in the world with amazing scenarios?
In Simuteca this is possible.
We make your dream come true!
Guided with our instructors, you can flight without setting limits to your imagination.
737-800 foto


 What is the 737-NGV

This static 737-NGV simulator replicates at real scale the inside of a Boeing 737-800 pilot's cockpit.

This simualtor works combining hardware, software and crew.

  • the software is based on Microsoft Flight Simulator improved continously since its first flight in 2008.
  • the hardware is a combination of instrumentation, flight controls, switches, panels and much more from manufacturers all around the world. The airframe is made by Aeroteca.
  • the crew comprises our instructor or supervisor that guarantees the continuity of the session/flight, and you as a user with your companions behind you, taking pictures, videos or just watching.

Interior simulador 737-ngv viraje a derecha

Who can use the 737-NGV

The 737-NGV is a flight simulator for entertainment and training of virtual pilots.
The 737-NGV simulator offers a feeling of total immersion in flight that make it an excellent tool... :

  • for real pilots wanting to refresh,
  • as non-official training for applicants to airline pilot,
  • for virtual pilots,
  • and this 737-NGV is the ideal environment for anyone without any knowledge of aviation to meet the workplace of real pilots. An excellent session for curious fans, corporate gifts, passengers who need to lose the fear of flying, etc ...

The 737-NGV is not officially approved nor intended to be of any official recognition for training real flight crews.